Welcome to the OSRA homepage.

We are a group of Sutton Valence School alumni who, having become nostalgic for our time in the SV shooting team, now regularly meet to shoot target rifle. Predominantly, we shoot .22 (smallbore) and 7.62 (fullbore) calibre rifles, with distances ranging from 25 to 1000 yards.

We can often be found at the National Rifle Association, Bisley, the heartland of UK rifle shooting, where we hone our fullbore skills under often-challenging conditions. In 2019, OSRA intends to participate in both the KCRA Open and the Imperial competitions, marking its first major foray into the world of competitive target rifle shooting.


OSRA has also recently affiliated with the British Young Shooters Association, an organisation that has made unprecedented progress in helping young aspiring marksmen to get into the sport. We look forward to continue supporting the BYSA, and all young shooters for that matter. For more information, please look at the BYSA website here, or email Richard Stebbings at chairman@youngshooter.co.uk.

Calling any OS marksmen who want to get back into the sport. Join the OSRA, return to the glory days of SV shooting, and secure its future for years to come. We do not expect high scores, especially not with Major Prem or Phil Horley coaching; it is as much about the social at the Clothworkers Arms after the shoot, as it is the shoot itself. We welcome all ages and all abilities; don’t hesitate, get involved now.

Here you will find all of the latest information about OSRA, with up-to-date articles on our recent events. If you would like to keep even more up to date with OSRA’s progress, please like our page on Facebook here, and follow us on Instagram here.

Join us on our journey to become the best target rifle team in the country.

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