2019 Prizes

OSRA has accumulated and awarded a number of prizes this year. We hope this encourages members to aspire to hone their marksmanship.

Fullbore Champion (best Imperial Grand Aggregate score): Anthony Bromley .

Veterans Champion (best score at the Schools’ Veterans): Harry Pawlik.

Tyro Trophy (best OSRA Tyro Imperial Grand Aggregate score): Ted Ervine.

13th-14th April:

  • British Young Shooters’ Association Easter Event: excellent coordinated training weekend with other young shooters, recommended for beginners and experienced marksmen alike.
  • The Ibis Open (13th): 300x, 500x, 600x, 1000x and 1100x. Perfect for those wanting to shoot longer distance.
  • OSRA vs RAFSAA (14th): 300x, 600x, 900x, & 1000x. Friendly competition against the RAF; OSRA will field a team of its six best shots.



The winning OSRA team at the Tonbridge School vs competition in 2018.

May: SVS Coaching Day at Bisley

  • OSRA will coach the Sutton Valence School shooting team on a weekend in May.


8th-9th June 2019: 

  • Morning of Saturday 8th – inter-counties Astor competition – competing for the right to represent Kent at the Imperial Meeting.
  • Afternoon of Saturday 8th – shoot against Tonbridge School and Old Tonbridgians.
  • All day Sunday – Kent County Rifle Association (KCRA) Open. 300x, 600x, 900x, and 1000x self-coached competition.



Harry Percival, Anthony Bromley, and Tom Fermor at the KCRA Open 2018, decorated with their winnings.

17th-27th July: 150th Imperial Meeting

  • This will be a great celebration of fullbore shooting in the target rifle heartland of Bisley.
  • OSRA plans to enter 4-5 members – a record number for Old Suttonian shooting – and to support recent leavers entering the Imperial for the first time.
  • Grand Aggregate (19th-24th): the main competition, in which we hope many members will enter.
  • Veterans 2019 (17th): drawing from the success of 2018, OSRA hopes to field three full teams, with OS from all years gathering at Bisley to reminisce about old times.
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