Our Sponsor

Blue Fieldsports

OSRA is proud to be sponsored by the company Blue Fieldsports, a Sporting Agent and Registered Firearms Dealer based in Hampshire. Blue Fieldsports sell a wide range of F Class and Match rifles, alongside shotguns. They also run a successful game shoot on St. Clair’s estate in Hampshire, which is highly recommended by our members.


Blue Fieldsports is also strongly committed to supporting young shooters. As its first sponsored club, OSRA is delighted to join the Blue Fieldsports team of sponsored shooters.

If you are at all interested in game, F Class shooting, or sponsored young shooters, please do have a look at their Facebook page here.


Blue Fieldsports is also kicking up a storm in the shooting world through its new video platform, Gunroom.tv. Gunroom.tv is set to revolutionise the way in which the myriad disciplines of shooting in the UK are represented through its rapidly expanding video library. Video content ranges widely, from recordings of a St. Clair’s game shoot, to the Pace Brothers’ carefully constructed, artistic portrayal of the experience of shooting in the wild. There really is something for every shooter on Gunroom.tv.


In the future, we hope to encourage videos promoting target rifle shooting on the platform, and, where possible, create our own content. If you are interested in this exciting platform, do visit the Gunroom.tv website here.

Above all, we are looking forward to working closely with Blue Fieldsports to further nurture the growth of OSRA, and support rifle shooting as a whole in the UK.

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