KCRA Open 2018


On the weekend of 9th–10th June this year, some Old Suttonians participated in the KCRA (Kent County Rifle Association) Open meeting at Bisley. On the Saturday, Anthony Bromley and Tom Fermor shot for Ashford & District Rifle Club in the heats of the inter-county Astor competition against a group of Kent rifle shooters named ‘TAGME’. The winning team of this small competition would go on to represent Kent in the inter-county finals during the Imperial Meeting in late July. Unfortunately, despite excellent shooting from Tom and Anthony, Ashford missed out on qualifying for the finals by just one point. Out of a potential 105.21 points, formed by three shoots of 35.7 potential points each at distances of 300, 500, and 600 yards, Anthony scored 100.15 and Tom scored 100.13.* Anthony should be particularly commended for shooting a full score of 35.7/35.7 at 500 yards.

In the afternoon, Anthony, Tom, and Mike Bromley (an honorary Old Suttonian for the afternoon as Harry Percival had to cancel last minute) formed an Old Suttonian team and competed in a small competition against KCRA, Ashford & District, Tonbridge School, and the Old Tonbridgians. This was shot at 300 and 600 yards, with each shoot scored out of 50.10. The team performed exceptionally. Out of a potential 100.20, Anthony scored 98.12 (48.5 & 50.7), Tom scored 97.14 (48.7 & 49.7), and Mike scored 97.13 (49.6 & 48.7). With these scores, the Old Suttonian team went on to win this competition, just pipping Ashford to the post by a number of V Bulls, which was fantastic news. Very well done to the OS team.


On the Sunday, Anthony Bromley, Tom Fermor, and Harry Percival competed in the main KCRA Open meeting. This is a county competition in which the very best that Kent marksmanship has to offer compete for the title of KCRA Champion. Having not shot for Kent, Anthony, Tom, and Harry competed in the B Class of the competition. The shoots were 300, 600, 900, and 1000 yards; long range (900 & 1000), understandably, is where the real competition starts.

Overall, out of a potential 200.40, with each shoot scored out of 50.10, Anthony scored 185.8 (50.4, 46.1, 46.2, 43.1), Tom scored 186.17 (49.8, 47.5, 47.3, 43.1), and Harry scored 174.11 (47.5, 47.3, 35.1, 45.2). Tom’s brilliant shooting won him the title of B Class Champion, beating Anthony, who came second, by just one point. Tom also won the Long-Range B Class Champion, beating Anthony by just a number of V Bulls. Anthony also narrowly missed out on a medal in the 300-yard aggregate with his score of 50.4/50.10 by just a number of V Bulls. Excellent shooting all round.

This was a fantastic weekend for the OSRA, seeing much-deserved success in both the team and individual competitions. Special congratulations must go to Tom Fermor for his highly decorated success during the meeting. This is just the tip of the iceberg of talent in the Old Suttonian community; there are many more OS marksman that should return to the sport. Above all else, it marks the beginning of a promising future for OS shooting. Many thanks to Anthony, Tom, and Harry for getting involved, and to Mike Bromley for stepping in last minute. We hope to see the school team competing in the Meeting next year and give the Tonbridge and Wellington teams that were put forward a run for their money.


*The scoring system explained: each shot is counted out of 5.1. The top score (5.1) is a ‘V Bull’, which is essentially closer to the centre than an ordinary bull. This ensures that the very best teams/marksmen can be fairly differentiated at the top level. The further away from the centre that a shot lands, the lower the score.

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