Veterans 2018

On 19th July, three teams, comprising of 15 Old Suttonians, journeyed to Bisley to compete in the prestigious Schools Veterans competition at Bisley, Surrey. This is a large competition that marks the end of the Schools Meeting of the Imperial, and the beginning of the Target Rifle competitions entered by over 700 marksmen.

With many OS not having shot for many years, expectation of success was not particularly high. However, the OS proved once and for all that their talent – whilst lying dormant for many years – had not been lost.

Veterans 2018

Despite the moody sky, the Old Suttonians on the point were sweltering in their jackets

All three teams performed exceptionally well: our A team scored a total of 239.12/250.50; our B team scored 224.10; and out C team 214.7. This meant that our A team was placed 27th overall, out of 48 teams, our B team 19th in their category, and the C team 10th. Considering that many of the teams, in all categories, were comprised of GB shooters and came from clubs that had been established for over 30 years, this is a brilliant performance for the fledgling OSRA.

Special mention must go to Chris Dale for his score of 48.4/50.10, and Jack Field for his score of 48.3, neither of whom have shot for many years. Alongside many of the other high-scoring Old Suttonians, they will be encouraged to return to Bisley to both practise and enter the various competitions available.

JF Shooting

Jack Field, spirits high after scoring an incredible 48.3

The top spot was stolen by our Fullbore Captain, Tom Fermor, with an exceptional score of 49.4/50.10. However, Tom will be aware that he must continue to perform well in order to keep his high position, given the high standard of marksmanship that the other OS showed.

Internally, OSRA medals went to Tom Fermor, the OSRA Champion Shot, to Jack Field, the B Team Champion, and to Harry Pawlik, the C Team Champion.

Awarding Medals

The OS applaud Tom Fermor for his top score of 49.4

This is a promising start for OSRA; it proves that there remains a wealth of talent in the OS community that will be translated into future success. Congratulations to all those who competed and made the OSRA proud. We intend the OSRA to continue to make fullbore target rifle shooting accessible to Old Suttonians, many of whom may have once struggled to return to a sport that had such an impact on their time at Sutton Valence.

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